As an incentive to encourage you – the Signagelive Reseller – to register new deals with us as early as possible, all new deals that are registered with us using the reseller portal will be eligible for a rebate. As well as potentially earning a rebate on any licences that you order from us, informing us early on in the sales process will allow us to support you better right through to closing the deal and rolling out.

What is a rebate?

A rebate is a fixed amount of money back on every licence that is purchased as part of the deal. For more information about the rebate available for specific products please contact

When does a deal qualify for a rebate?

In order for a deal to qualify for a rebate it you must register it at least 30 days prior to the deal closing and an order being raised with us. Additionally, all deals that are registered through the reseller portal must be for a minimum of 10 Signagelive licences.

When does a deal not qualify for a rebate?

If you register a deal with us that a competitor has already registered, that is for less than 10 Signagelive licences or closes within 30 days of the deal first being registered on the portal, you will still be able to inform us about progress being made on the deal but you will not be eligible for a rebate even if you go on to win the deal and raise an order with us.

Additionally, if we assign a deal to you that deal will not be eligible for a rebate.

What do I have to do to ensure I receive my rebate?

When you place your order – either directly with us or through your distributor – please quote the unique deal reference number.

How much rebate will I get?

As an administrator, you can view up the date information about the rebate accrued for your account from the rebates summary section on the rebates page. At the end of each quarter you will receive 2 reports showing a more detailed breakdown of rebate calculations for each deal that you have closed. If you would like more information about the rebate available for specific products please contact

When will I receive my rebate?

The financial quarter in which a deal is closed and an order is placed with us is the quarter in which the deal is completed. At the start of the following quarter, the deal will show up in the ‘Potential’ rebate report. Six weeks later a ‘Confirmed’ rebate report will be sent out showing the completed deal. At this point you should invoice us for the amount on the ‘Confirmed’ rebate report, which we will pay into your account within 30 days.

Expiration of rebates

If an invoice for rebates due is not received from a reseller within 180 days of the ‘Confirmed’ rebate report being issued, any and all claims for rebates will be void and no rebate will be paid for the transactions included in the ‘Confirmed’ rebate report for that period.